Why detox?

Everyone of us at some point in life needs to start fresh.

Leave everything behind, chase our dreams, get set on the right path to fulfill our destiny.

But how many of us has the courage to do the same?

Now that I am on this path, am I more courageous than you all?

I am just as scared as the next person, the person who is trying to make the ends meet, the student who is succumbing to the pressure of the finals, the new mother who has no rule-book of handling her baby.

These struggles never end, they some how figure out how to enter into your life in a new way.

Its our choice whether we bend to these pressures and compromise the quality of our life or face it head on.

My idea of detoxing is not just sipping on green tea and doing yoga, its removing every possible toxic element from our life that compromises with the quality of our life.

The struggles will still be there, but now you will have the courage to face them.

Happy detoxing!!!


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