How I started

I needed a change, not any small, timid change, I needed a paradigm shift.

I was unsatisfied with my job, the pressure was too much and the pay too less.

You see, the field I am in has crazy saturation, people are ready to work even for minimal pay and that makes it though getting a decent pay job.

I worked two shifts at my previous job, the time in between I slept to restore my energy.

For months I called out to my friends to let me know if their are any vacancies, any possible job better than this one but got no help.

Around March, I gave up.

I gave up putting my problems on others and I realized my life mantra,

I can help myself better than anyone else.

Took some efforts but I started calling every possible vacancies I came across,  after just three tries, I went to the interview got selected and secured the job.

But then came the real challenge.

I was to serve the notice period on the previous job and had to immediately join the second job.

So previously I worked for 8 hours, and now my work hours doing both jobs were almost around 14 hours.

This too shall pass, I chanted and for two months I toiled for 14 hours a day.

And it was worth it. All the struggle, the lessons, everything was worth it.

Now i got to work only 6 hours a day, and I get paid more.

It looks tough from the outside, people get stuck to the mediocrity, but the only problem out of it is through it.


Happy detoxing!!!


#quittingjob #detox #startingfresh #detoxjournal




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