Health is a state of mind.

Let it sink in.

You can be healthy or unhealthy, depending on how much room you give to health in your life.

Let me explain by example, you wake up at 7, have your coffee, do the necessary chores, leave for work, get through the day, travel back home, watch some TV, have your dinner, and off to bed.

Maybe this isn’t the routine for everyone, but more or less this is how most of us spend our days.

So amidst this routine who has time to think about health, if one can go through the routine, the person is definitely healthy or else how would they have managed the same.

And that is exactly what I thought.

Am not saying thinking that you are healthy is wrong, but having a false sense of health is.

So for a year I make myself believe everything is fine, till one day I start seeing the signs, I don’t fit in any of my old clothes, my hair is thinning, eyes have sunken, I don’t have the stamina I once used to have.

And that is when the realization hit me, I am far from being healthy.


So I made a list of all the things that I need to take care of on the health front and evaluated each and every possible one.

Reaching this step is toughest point of journey, we all  are conditioned to live in denial.

But once you are here, the rest of the journey is a cakewalk.


Happy detoxing!!!


#detox #startfresh #detoxjournal #health



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