So one fine day I realize I am turning 25 this year, and that made me think where exactly I am heading in my life.

I was over working and under paid, I had put on 15 kgs over a year, had no time for any hobby, was just another face in the crowd living a very mediocre life.

That’s not how I pictured turning 25.

So I left my job obviously before securing the other one which was actually not that difficult, something I realized only when I acted on it. I cribbed and cribbed about how I hated my job and asked all my friends and family to help me find a better one, but when I actually took the task in my hand, I actually managed to find a decent one in the first attempt.

Am turning 25 in 2 months time.

And I am set to cut down all that is wrong, cleanse out the negativity, achieve the perfection and turn 25 gracefully.