Hunger pangs and its cure.


Hunger pangs,

Something we deal with in our day to day life.

Most people give in.

We end up ordering a pizza or fries, coke, and then after having all that guilt.

But lets just understand the physiology of these hunger pangs.

Half of these hunger pangs is actually the body in eerie need of water,

Second most common cause low sugar level.

But mostly the hunger pangs that we get in our daily life is because,

 We see or smell food, Think about food,

We have conditioned ourselves to be rewarded by food,

We seek comfort in food,

Food as a distraction,

See a problem, rush to food.

Tiredness, food.

A thousand more reasons can be added.

So what is the solution??

Stop eating and let the stomach growl?


These cravings mostly have a psychological origin.

So we  beat it the psychological way.

Few tried and tested methods,

  1. Drink water.
  2. Berries, always carry a small serving.
  3. Nuts, almonds, pistachios, dry fruits, condition yourself to have two at a time, and slowly your body will comply.
  4. Seeds, roasted flax seeds, pumpkin seeds.
  5. Greek yogurt.
  6. Split your meal in small servings.


Our stomach lining gets irritated after a point of eating all the low nutrient high calorie junk food.

Combining food for adequate nutrition and optimal digestion is the key and it does not need to be strict.

Do the best for your body, and it will reward you back.

Happy detoxing!!!




Habits died hard,

Or so have we heard.

Its onto us whether we make those habits productive or deteriorative.

One can not achieve optimal state of health overnight, it requires immense amount of efforts and patience.

Start slow.

Maintain a habit tracker, for a week to begin with.

And slowly from the baby steps progress.

Challenge yourself a little everyday.

First we make our habits,

then our habits make us.


Happy detoxing!!!

How I started

I needed a change, not any small, timid change, I needed a paradigm shift.

I was unsatisfied with my job, the pressure was too much and the pay too less.

You see, the field I am in has crazy saturation, people are ready to work even for minimal pay and that makes it though getting a decent pay job.

I worked two shifts at my previous job, the time in between I slept to restore my energy.

For months I called out to my friends to let me know if their are any vacancies, any possible job better than this one but got no help.

Around March, I gave up.

I gave up putting my problems on others and I realized my life mantra,

I can help myself better than anyone else.

Took some efforts but I started calling every possible vacancies I came across,  after just three tries, I went to the interview got selected and secured the job.

But then came the real challenge.

I was to serve the notice period on the previous job and had to immediately join the second job.

So previously I worked for 8 hours, and now my work hours doing both jobs were almost around 14 hours.

This too shall pass, I chanted and for two months I toiled for 14 hours a day.

And it was worth it. All the struggle, the lessons, everything was worth it.

Now i got to work only 6 hours a day, and I get paid more.

It looks tough from the outside, people get stuck to the mediocrity, but the only problem out of it is through it.


Happy detoxing!!!


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Why detox?

Everyone of us at some point in life needs to start fresh.

Leave everything behind, chase our dreams, get set on the right path to fulfill our destiny.

But how many of us has the courage to do the same?

Now that I am on this path, am I more courageous than you all?

I am just as scared as the next person, the person who is trying to make the ends meet, the student who is succumbing to the pressure of the finals, the new mother who has no rule-book of handling her baby.

These struggles never end, they some how figure out how to enter into your life in a new way.

Its our choice whether we bend to these pressures and compromise the quality of our life or face it head on.

My idea of detoxing is not just sipping on green tea and doing yoga, its removing every possible toxic element from our life that compromises with the quality of our life.

The struggles will still be there, but now you will have the courage to face them.

Happy detoxing!!!